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We have released a HotFix update to resolve issues seen in the v10.0 Tracks & Laps release. The following issues for players have now been resolved:

Rematches after a win have been disabled

The Tracks & Laps Tutorial will no longer be locked if the car currently selected in your Garage is being Fused

The Garage ‘Sort’ function now works again

When ticket buying is disabled in an event, the ticket refill cost is no-longer shown

We have now updated the Silver Booster Crate to be 100 Silver Keys to purchase. 100 Silver Keys is the same value as 50 Gold Keys, so the total purchase cost/value hasn't changed, just the currency you can use.

We understand that by using a Gold Currency instead of the Silver Key Currency on a crate named "Silver Booster" is confusing, and we will keep this in mind when pricing Booster Crates in the future.

Player 'Impossible Easy Opponent' Issue

Thank you to the players on Discord sharing so much information with the team about this issue - it really helped us find and resolve this problem. We have released a server update for this issue.

The Halloween decorations have been re-enabled and players can race Off-Road under the Full Moon in Off-Road events 🌕 👻 🦇 🎃

In order to release the HotFix, we had to end the following events early:

  • Tier A Daily Cup - (40 Gold Entry)

  • FREE Daily Cup - (FREE Entry)

  • Tier S Trophy - (500 gold Entry)

Any players in the Asia Region that entered these events, please open a ticket from your game with Customer Support to have your Gold Entry Fee refunded for the Tier A Daily Cup and Tier S Trophy.

We apologise for the interruption to your events, but it was necessary, so we could release the HotFix. Anyone wondering about the Free Entry Caterham Head-to-Head that was disrupted by this week's issues, please be reassured that we are re-running the event (still for Free) during the Prize Week at the end of the Season.

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