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Welcome to Club Season 8! This Season is a ‘Mini MINI Season’ and sprinkled with Festive Cheer to see you through to the New Year!


Club Season Prize:

  • Tier A MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept

Rebel Pass Prize:

  • Tier C Subaru WRX Custom

Season 8 Calendar

Club Season Week 1: 27th Dec - 2nd Jan

  • Dec 27th:

    • Club Season Starts (15:00 UK Local Time)

    • Tier C Subaru WRX Custom Rebel Pass Starts (16:00 UK Local Time)

    • Pro Pass Available ($9.99)

    • Veteran Pass Available - and immediately unlocks the Tier C Subaru WRX Custom ($15.99)

  • 12 Days of Christmas! Open a little gift every day for 12 days.

  • Tier D: MINI Cooper Head-to-Head & Ladder (Car is available from the Shop for $1.99)

  • Tier C: MINI John Cooper Works Head-to-Head & Ladder (MINI Special Offer Crate)

Club Season Week 2: 3rd Jan - 9th Jan

  • Tier B: MINI Cooper S Custom Head-to-Head and Ladder

  • Tier S: MINI X-Raid Head-to-Head and Ladder

Week 3: 10th - 16th Jan

Jan 10th

Club Season Ends + Prizes Calculate (15:00 UK Local Time)

Events in Week 3:

  • Club Prize Car Ladder & Head-to-Head Events

  • Rebel Pass Prize Car Ladder & Head-to-Head Events

Clubs will be locked 3 days from the end of the season. During this time, Club admins cannot recruit or remove players from their Club.

Game Changes

Car Changes:

  • All MINI Vehicles have new Customisation Colours available

  • The Mercedes X-Class Custom has new Colours available

Season 8 Events:

  • MINI will give Bonus Club Points in races - This will come into effect before Season 7 ends.

  • Tracks & Laps Cars will still give Bonus Club Points

Customisation Pricing and Availability

We have overhauled the Customisation pricing and availability in the game. Players gave feedback that the pricing was very random, but also that colours were difficult to get hold of from Events.

We have now made all Metallic and Solid Paint colours available for purchase, except in the case where a Metallic or Solid paint was an Event paint. If you have won a Paint in an Event, it only seems fair that it should remain an Event paint and not opened up to be purchased by anyone - you earned it!

All Foil, Carbon, Pearlescent and Matte paints are now Event only. If you have already bought a Foil, Carbon, Pearlescent or Matte Paint for Cash or Gold, they will still be in your inventory and unlocked.

Bug Fixes:

  • The cards for cars in the shop are now evenly spaced

  • Ford GT Custom Exhaust flames now exit from the exhaust

  • The “Are you sure?” pop-up when fusing now counts the locked cars in your garage.

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