PATCH NOTES: Clubs Season 10 HotFix

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Game Changes

Event Panel Feature Updates:

  • Added a confirmation pop-up to PvE/PvG event entry, when entering from the event hub, and when the event has a cash or gold entry cost.

  • Added fuel requirements to Daily Event Info Overlay

  • Added fuel/ticket cost info widget for events

  • Added event hub fuel cost and ticket cost labels to the event information screens

  • Added additional event details to event hub scroll item when player has registered for the event.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Centenario nitro flame position.

  • Added a lightweight transition in/out to the new event hub, to fix the uninitialised screen flash when returning from a live race to the event hub.

  • Updated the new event hub to allow a ladder to be viewed up to the end date if the player has registered.

  • Fixed event hub panel to show leaderboard event score rather than the score only from wins/losses initiated by the local player.

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