Club Season 13 Milestone Mini Season

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Welcome to Club Season 13.

In this refreshing, short Club Season, we are bringing you a NEW event type. Join a new Milestone event to earn epic rewards and climb a ladder like never before in Rebel Racing. But which cars will you be racing in these events? That’s up to you! Keep an eye on your game inbox to vote for your Car of choice!

Club Season Prize:

  • Tier C Porsche 911 Carrera 27RS

Rebel Pass Prize:

  • Tier S Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder

Season 13 Calendar

Club Season Week 1: 25th - 31st July

  • Club Season Starts 26th July, 15:00 (UK Local Time)

  • Rebel Pass Starts 26th July, 16:00 (UK Local Time)

  • Events:

    • Tier S Player Choice Poll Winner Event

    • Porsche 356 Speedster Milestone and Head-to-Head event

Club Season Week 2: 1st - 7th August

  • Events:

    • Tier A Player Choice Poll Winner Event

    • Porsche Cayman Clubsport Milestone and Head-to-Head event

Week 3: 8th - 14th August

  • 8th August

    • Club Season Ends + Prizes Calculate (15:00 UK Local Time)

  • Events:

    • Club Prize Car Ladder & Head-to-Head Events

    • Rebel Pass Prize Car Ladder & Head-to-Head Events

Clubs will be locked 3 days from the end of the season. During this time, Club admins cannot recruit or remove players from their Club.

Game Changes

  • Airport has been moved on the map, south of its previous location

  • Race in the new Milestone events!


Milestone Events are a mix of the Head-to-Head and Ladder Events you’re used to seeing in Rebel Racing. Climb the ladder of each Milestone Stage - completing the final race in the stage locks in that stage’s prizes!

Stage prizes are awarded upon completion of the event OR event end, whichever comes first. Races can either be against real opponent ghosts or vs AI.


There are multiple stages per event. Each stage has its own set of rewards, and can have a varied number of races compared to other stages.

Like in ladder events, you must complete a rung to progress further! The rungs may vary in opponent difficulty, too.

Your opponents are either the ghosts of other players that we have picked from past Head-to-Head events, or the AI we have selected to make sure you’re having the right level of challenge in each rung.

Season 13 Events:

  • No cars will receive bonus Club Points

Bug Fixes:

  • PVG Player Ghost’s headlights are now correctly disabled on night tracks when disabling ghosts via the Advanced Options menu.

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