14.3 Update Release Notes

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Welcome to the Top Drives 14.3 Update Release Notes!

We have some exciting stuff coming your way! Please find the list of new features, improvements and bug fixes below.


Wishlist feature

This new feature allows you to add up to 100 cars to your Wishlist. Tag a desired car, and witness a nice animation upon receiving it!

You can add a car to your Wishlist by tapping the Wishlist button beneath the card:

Upon receiving the card, the following animation will play to let you know about it:

Fusion skip cost reduction over time

The Gold prices you pay when skipping fusion will now decrease over time. Save Gold if you need a quick fuse ahead of time!

The conditions for skipping the fuse are as follows:

  • For the first 25% of the duration, the price remains unchanged.

  • Then, for all other periods of time, the price matches the percentage of time remaining. For instance, skipping a fuse with 30% of time remaining will result in 30% of the cost.

  • Then, the price is rounded up to the nearest 10 gold.

Facebook Cloud Gaming:

  • Ads: Facebook Cloud Gaming now supports Ads that can be viewed in exchange for Gold, similar to existing systems in the regular Apple and Android versions.

  • Sharing: You can now share results of the race by tapping the Share button on the race results screen. This could be shared on your Facebook feed.

  • Top Drives can now send local notifications to your Facebook app.


  • Various improvements to flexible packs.

  • The Koenigsegg brand logo has been updated in accordance with the new brand guidelines.

  • Home Screen Challenges tab updated with a new licensed image.


  • Facebook Cloud: Fixed an issue with the tutorial highlights being misaligned due to the removal of the ads button on the Home Screen.

  • Facebook Cloud: Fixed an issue with the Helpshift customer support page being vertically instead of horizontally.

  • Fixed an issue with missing textures (black circles) appearing in certain environments.

  • Fixed an issue in the garage screen whereby skipping fusion of a car with multiple cars being fused would cause some cars to disappear from the view.

  • Fixed an issue whereby switching from Rewards to Requirements tab in Challenges would cause incomplete Rounds to switch positions.

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