14.4 Update Release Notes

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Welcome to the Top Drives 14.4 Update Release Notes!

Read on to find out what’s new.


Following the astonishing success of the Yellowbird campaign, we are pleased to introduce our second Championship, with the Nissan Skyline GT-R LM Nismo (R33) as the prize car!

The new Championship is available upon completion of the Yellowbird campaign. Otherwise, the structure remains the same - beat all of the six main areas to unlock the final area, which awards the Nissan Skyline GT-R LM Nismo (R33)!

All areas consist of ten Rounds, and you will need 100 Renown points, earned by placing in Events, to unlock a Round attempt. Rounds in the final area use up 300 Renown points. Rounds must be completed with three stars to unlock the next one, and failing to do so consumes Renown points.

The Championship will see you utilising your Japanese garage. Good luck!


Here is a number of quality of life features brought in 14.4 update:

  • Quick Search function - this new feature allows you to search a car by a word or year in its name in the garage.

  • In Events, you can now enter the car select screen with no tickets available and prepare the next hand. This allows you to continue fusing the hand you want to keep improving.

  • You can now keep your selected hand in view when choosing an events opponent, which can be helpful to keep track of your own cars.

  • You can now skip race waiting time when a loss is significant. Simply tap twice on the screen after your race is finished and you will be taken to the end of the race (only when your opponent is losing badly).


  • Various bug fixes to the new 3D environments, introduced as a test to some users in the previous update.

  • Fixed an issue with the Requirements Selection drop down not disappearing after tapping anywhere on the screen.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause server errors to appear when adding cars to the Wishlist.


  • Added Christmas Collection tag.

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