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Welcome to the Top Drives 14.5 Update Release Notes!

Read on to find out what’s new. We have added a number of player requested features and other improvements.


  • Added three new filters to the Status section: Unique, Duplicate, Not Owned

    • Not Owned filter is available in the Holding Pool and All Cars menus.

    • Unique filter is available in the My Cars and All Cars menus.

    • Duplicate filter is available in the Holding Pool, My Cars and All Cars menus.

  • Holding Pool now displays how many copies of a card you own, or if the car is new to your garage

  • You can now add a car from Holding Pool and lock it at the same time.

  • Added offer countdown and remaining packs to the pack preview screen.

  • Swapped buttons around on confirmation screens of purchasing tickets, skipping servicing, and skipping the fuse timer to reduce mistakes.

  • Resource system improvements for car image loading.


  • Fixed an issue with pack prices being displayed on two rows.

  • Fixed an issue with packs, cards and inventory items in the rewards tab missing their image when loading into a Challenge for the first time.

  • Fixed an issue with Card images displayed as blank in the hand selection screen.

  • Event criteria now take into account both Primary and Secondary body styles.

  • Implemented a fix for device overheating issues.

  • Criteria that utilise body style now consider both primary and secondary body style


  • Added Year of the Tiger tag

  • Added new 3D environments for A/B tests (visible to some new users only).

    • Improved hi-res environment performance on low end devices, substantially increasing frame rate

  • Updated garage slot reward icon

  • After playing a race in the campaign, the game will no longer take you to your furthest unlocked race

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