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Welcome to the Top Drives 14.6 Update Release Notes!

Exciting times are ahead as we are finally bringing a major part of our updated 3D environments, or tracks, into the game. We are also updating the existing car models with 36 new car models, as well as bringing a number of improvements and bug fixes. Read on to find out what’s new.


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The time has finally come to launch a major change to the game's visuals that we've been working hard on for over a year. In 14.6, we are bringing an upgrade to 18 of the existing 3D environments, significantly improving fidelity, textures, detail and more.

Both old and newer environments will get a make over.

Race on your favourite tracks and enjoy stunning detail in the new environments.

The full list of environment upgrades in 14.6 consists of the following tracks:

  • City

  • Drag Strip

  • G-Force

  • GoKart

  • Twisty Circuit

  • Road

  • Hill Climb (but not the Sand Version)

  • Speed Bowl

  • Car Park

  • Fast Circuit

  • Rally Cross

  • MMX

  • Harbour

  • Canyon

  • SF Hairpin

  • Mountain

  • Tokyo

  • Indoor Karting

Remaining environments will be updated in coming updates, so stay tuned for the news in the coming months.


We are adding 36 new car models in 14.6, in two batches.

We wanted to increase the fidelity of our 3d model car templates to fit the style and detail level of the environments.

Then, we also wanted to increase the diversity of the car templates so that we can more accurately represent the thousands of cars found throughout the game.

We hope that you enjoy the new visuals of these car models that will stand out fabulously against the new 3D environments.


  • Improvements to blend transitions, the ‘blur’, occurring as car card images are loading. We removed blend transitions from certain screens. These improvements should lead to better performance.

  • Changed order of Uniques, Duplicates and Non-Owned filters to the end of the list.

  • Added small panels to Campaign panels displaying region prizes.

  • Disabled environment/track backgrounds on player hand and comparison screens, to improve performance in these areas of UI. This displays a blue background now.

  • Campaign changes for UK campaign levels including improved prizes and one track change. Available for new users who have not generated Prize boards yet.

  • Introduced tech allowing to create Challenges that disappear upon completion. This feature may be utilised for certain kinds of challenges.


  • Fixed a crash occurring when tapping on the stats on the back of the card whilst fusing.

  • Introduced a fix to the duplicate push notifications. Push notifications should now only appear once.

  • Fixed car models appearing large on the Twisty Circuit track (including M8 GTE).

  • Fixed an issue with the Mountain Tour Dry environment not displaying correctly (displaying black background).

  • Removed a subtle line that appeared near the Top Speed value when wishlisting a car.

  • Fixed an issue with the lock icon on some campaign regions appearing larger than usual.

  • Fixed an issue with cars missing in the Holding Pool after filtering with an active QuickSearch.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the last 2 cars in the holding pool to swap around when selling cars.

  • Fixed an issue with the game crashing when attempting to upgrade a car that has just completed the fusing process.

  • Minimising the app when moving a card in your garage or hand selection screen caused the card to be set in the bottom left. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed the stuck spinner animation. It’s spinning again. Thank God.

  • Fixed an issue with Gold Prices not appearing on certain packs in the store.

  • Fixed campaign placeholder text displaying ‘Ferrari’.

  • Fixed an issue with the Helpshift support page displaying in landscape on Android devices.

  • Fixed an issue with the Year of the Tiger inventory items appearing as white boxes.

    This is it for today, we hope you enjoy the update!

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