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Welcome to the Top Drives 14.71 Update Release Notes! 

This is an update containing a number of bugfixes that were reported to us after the release of 14.7 a few weeks ago, along with a few UI tweaks, and track optimisations. It also adds support for the upcoming collection series.

Read on to find more details.


  • Added support for the upcoming collection series.

  • Changed colour of certain in-game buttons to a darker grey.

  • Added hi-res images in the Campaign and Championship selection screen.

  • Optimised many tracks for better performance, including Indoor Karting, Mountain, Facility, Sand Dune, Bavarian Forest, Test Center Slalom, SanFran Hairpins, Canyon, MMX, Fast Circuit, Go Kart, and City.

  • Added text to the game boot screen to indicate loading.


  • Fixed a bug where the “The event has ended. You will now be returned to the map screen” popup would appear upon a club event ending.

  • Fixed an issue where when exiting the game in-between matchmaking and resolving the match would cause the game to crash.

  • Fixed an issue in the reward ads system that would attempt to upgrade a common car that’s already fully upgraded.

  • Fixed an issue where pressing the back button in a campaign match, and then selecting a different campaign causes a server error.

  • In the championship match screen - removed the “calculate best score and play order” button.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause cars to appear grey in the Fuse selection screen.

  • Fixed an issue where the inbox notification pip displays an incorrect number.

  • Fixed an issue where car stats and stars would not change after the car is upgraded

  • Fixed an issue where flicking cards into card slots on selection screens could cause them to appear outside the screen.

  • Fixed an issue on iOS where the notification prompt will appear on boot.

  • Fixed an issue where images in the in-game inbox could sometimes change.

  • Fixed an issue where applying multiple requirement filters in the garage could result in incorrect cars displaying.

  • Fixed an issue where cars would clip through the scenery at the end of the Mountain Incline track.

  • Fixed an issue where cars would appear on the grass at the beginning of the G-Force - Rolling track.

  • Fixed an issue where a level in Championship II would display the wrong environment on the challenge select screen.

    REMOVED IN 14.71.01 HOTFIX

    Due to an issue introduced in 14.71, the following bug fixes have been removed from the 14.71.01 Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue where the cars in the opponent's hand could sometimes not change when switching opponents.

  • Fixed an issue where a car in a player’s hand could become duplicated and greyed out, leaving them unable to progress with the match.

This is it for today, we hope you enjoy the update!

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