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Welcome to the Top Drives 16.0 Update Release Notes! 

We’re adding new cars, new car models, an updated high-res environment, and more. Read on to find out all about it:


New Cars - Enter the Black Forest and Amalfi Coast Cruising

Right after our biggest car release ever in 15.0 World Expo, we’re keeping the accelerator to the floor and releasing even more new cars! Over 280 new cars from Germany and Italy arrive in Enter the Black Forest and Amalfi Coast Cruising, including models from Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW and many others.

Here are just a few cars to look out for:

The John Cooper Works GP is the fastest Mini hatchback, with 300bhp! It’ll perform well on slalom and hairpin tracks.

This phenomenal new Porsche has an impressive top speed of 196mph. It’ll perform great on North Loop, and Monaco Narrow Streets specifically!

This monster Pagani will do extremely well on the North Loop and Airfield Runway Drag tracks with its excellent top speed and handling stats!

Plenty of cars have also been corrected, and had their RQ changed too. Check out the full list of corrections here. This list will also be updated with a full list of all new cars after the update is released, so stay tuned!

Duplicate Legendary Fusing

The game changing new feature in this update is the new duplicate Legendary fusing cost. In the past, when fusing a Legendary car, you would need three individual Legendary or Epic rarity cars to consume as fuse material. Now, if you own a duplicate of any Legendary in your garage, you can instead use that car as a single fuse material. This makes it easier than ever to upgrade your Legendary cars!

Please note: the feature will consider legacy rarity when calculating whether it’s a duplicate Legendary or not. Cars you owned as lower rarities that became Legendaries in rarity corrections do not count towards the duplicate eligibility check.

Updated High-Res Environment - Cotswolds

Rounding out the series of updated high resolution environments, the updated Cotswolds environment arrives in 16.0. This means that all existing environments have now been updated to high resolution versions - Top Drives has never looked better! Check out some screenshots:

Collection Series - Interstellar

Support for the next collection series art:

New Car Models

Along with the new environment, we also have another round of new car models. This time, we’re adding models from Subaru, McClaren, Bentley, Aston Martin and Porsche, take a look:


  • Players can no longer log in on a different device to access an earlier version of the game

  • Fixed an issue where when buying certain packs, a server error would be displayed, and a visual bug where cards would appear over the UI would occur upon logging back in

  • Fixed an issue where some campaign matches became more difficult due to car rarity changes introduced in 15.0. The following matches have been rebalanced:


  • Osaka 7

  • Osaka 10

  • Hampshire 9

  • California 2

  • California 8

  • Rhineland 1

  • Rhineland 2

  • Rhineland 3

  • Rhineland 4

  • Rhineland 5

  • Rhineland 6

  • Rhineland 7

  • Rhineland 10

  • Hampshire 3

  • Chambery 2

  • Osaka 1

  • Osaka 3

  • Osaka 5

  • Osaka 6

  • Turin 5

  • Finals 2

  • Finals 3

  • Yellowbird Finals 4

  • Yellowbird Finals 6

  • Yellowbird Finals 9

  • Yellowbird Finals 10


  • Originals 80s-90s 3

  • Nismo Finals 7

  • Nismo Finals 5


    • Campaign 1

    • Campaign 2

    • Campaign 5

    • Campaign 6

  • Fixed an issue where on iOS, if an in-app purchase is made, and the player presses the back button during the purchase, dialogue will display saying the purchase was successful even if it was not

  • Fixed an issue where in California, USA - Level 2 in Championship 1, and in Pro Tour 2010s - 20s - Level 6 in Championship 2, the two replay prizes’ drop rates are the wrong way around, meaning the rarer car dropped more frequently

  • Fixed an issue where some Lotus cars would be missing models in races, and sometimes cause the game to crash

  • Fixed an issue where event rewards would not be displayed

  • Fixed an issue where rewards would sometimes not be awarded in collection challenge rounds

  • Fixed an issue where packs won in Challenges would sometimes not display not display the reward animations, or award rewards to the player

  • Fixed an issue where notification numbers do not appear for certain challenges

  • Fixed an issue where some packs would display incorrect art in the pack store

  • Fixed an issue where limited time offers would display two different expiry dates

  • Cars now load in more smoothly when scrolling through the holding pool.

  • Fixed an issue where on the fuse selection screen, some eligible fuse material cars would be greyed out

  • Fixed an issue where some cars do not have working lights on night time tracks.

  • Fixed an issue where brake lights would hover behind the car model on certain cars

  • Fixed an issue where cars clip through the road at the end of the North Loop Relay 2 and North Loop Relay 3 challenges

  • Fixed lighting on the Spiral Car Ramp (Car Park) environment

  • Fixed an issue where crowds do not appear on certain variants of the Twisty Circuit challenge

  • Fixed an issue where the W Motors logo does not display correctly in the events menu

  • Fixed an issue where several manufacturer logos do not appear on pack art in the pack store

  • Fixed an issue where some cards do not display the “frosted glass” effect on their stats

  • Fixed an issue where some parked cars displayed without textures in the Spiral Car Ramp (Car Park) environment

  • Added translated tags for Interstellar, World Expo, Old Guard and 5th Anniversary

  • Fixed an issue where the lock icon would show up on the last stage of the campaign, even if the player had already beaten the stage

  • Fixed an issue in the first-time user experience where the pointer hand would be mis-aligned with cars

  • Fixed an issue where cars sometimes clip through the asphalt at the end of the North Loop Relay 2 and 3 tracks

  • Fixed an issue where the camera on the Sand Dune Climb had reverted to an older version


  • Notifications will not appear on a fresh install of the game on Android 13 - they must be switched on manually in settings

  • UK 1 and 2 in the campaign display a tick indicating that the gold that can be won from these events has already been claimed, even if the player has not played these matches

  • After a player reaches 150RQ, the tutorial screen for events does not display when it should

  • Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo is shown as RWD rather than 4WD

This is it for now. If you enjoyed the update, let us know on our community channels or social media!

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