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19.1 - The Road to Fame

Ready to experience the glitz, the glam and the glory? Welcome to our new season takeover - The Road to Fame!

For the next 4 weeks Top Drives will be taken over by all things glamorous, here's a breakdown of everything we have in store for you:

Tri Series

The Arash AF10 Hybrid and the BAC Mono are the grand prizes of the Tri Series! You won't want to miss these.

Collection Series

Join us in our Immortalised in Carbon Collection Series, in celebrating car models named after people, forever etching them in automotive history. Test your skills in this mix of events and challenges to win prize cars, packs and cash!

Expo Collection

S7 of the Expo Collection focuses on our new car update, Pacific Coast Highway. Collect cars to win amazing rewards! You can either play for free by completing Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn XP and exchange it for rewards in the Reward Ladder, or you can boost your rewards by purchasing the Premium and Supercharged Passes from the store!

PvP Challenge Leagues

Don't forget that each event you participate in this season will award you with The Road to Fame Flags based on your rank, you can exchange these for rewards in the PvP Challenge Leagues. The more flags you earn the faster you progress up the Leagues and the better prizes you get!

The Road to Fame Season (8th May - 4th June 2023)

Colour-Coded Tags

We’ve added a number of new tags that allow you to sort cars in your garage based on their colour.

RQ Update

RQ values have been updated for Epic and Legendary cars, with improvements to how high RQ specialists are rated.

The next improvements we plan on looking at in coming updates are Off Road suited cars and Slick tyre cars.

Check out a full list of RQ changes in the update here!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where many cars were tagged incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where the year slider in the filter screen did not go up to 2023

  • Fixed an issue where prize tiers in some events would display incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Collections & Tags’ section does not display all tags properly

  • Fixed an issue where some car cards did not have rounded corners.

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