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Embark on a voyage with our new season takeover: The Wayfinders!

For the next 4 weeks we'll be celebrating our Asia-Pacific Grand Prix update! Here's what we have in store:

Season Prize Cars

The Pagani Huayra R and Koenigsegg Jesko Attack are the grand prizes!

Collection Series

Discover cars so rare they're like mythical creatures, in our The Unicorns Collection Series. Test your skills in this mix of events and challenges to win prize cars, packs and cash!

PvP Challenge Leagues

Each event this season will award The Wayfinders Flags based on your rank, you can exchange these for rewards in the PvP Challenge Leagues. The more flags you earn the faster you move up the Leagues and the better prizes you get!

Asia-Pacific Car Wave

366 new cars from the Asia-Pacific region join the race in Top Drives' biggest car update ever, bringing the total number of cars to over 3700! Here are just a few of our favourites:

The Mitsubishi Mirage Kammtop convertible is a capable Uncommon with decent performance and good handling. It also boasts retro 1980’s flared bodywork giving it unique looks.

The smallest Hyundai N model packs a strong punch with a sub-6 second 0-60 time and excellent handling that’ll rival the Ford Fiesta ST - making it one of the most potent Super Rare hot hatches in Top Drives.

The CS Prototype is Bufori’s take on the rear-wheel drive performance coupe. It boasts a powerful 330bhp performance engine and excellent handling to make it a strong performing Epic in both drag races and twisty circuits.

The full new car list is available here.

New Store UX

The pack store has been totally revamped to make it much easier to find the offers, packs, currency and slots you'd like to purchase! There are now tabs which sort content into different categories, making it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

New Environment: Dockyard

Another new environment to race in will be introduced over the next few weeks! Check out the new environment in action in the update trailer.

Universal Home Button Update

The universal home button has been moved, in order to prevent accidental clicks on other UI elements.

Challenges UI Update

Following player feedback, we’ve made a few more tweaks to the new challenges UI.

The play round button has now been moved to the bottom right of the screen, there’s more screen space to see challenges, and the red hue over locked challenges has been replaced with a grey one. This should make navigating the challenges screen easier than ever before!

Event Trackset Preview Screen

You’ll now be able to see the tracksets for each event before you enter them!

High fps Support

An option for races to run at a higher frame rate - 60fps or 120fps depending on your device’s specs! This option can be toggled on or off in the settings menu. Check out a demonstration in the update trailer.

Car corrections

A host of new car corrections arrive in 20.0! Check them all out in the car corrections document.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the red dots on challenges would display for events you can’t currently play

  • Fixed an issue where the fusion menu would not appear for players who have unlocked a duplicate Legendary, but have fewer than 3 Epic/Legendary cars total

  • Fixed an issue where In-App purchases could sometimes result in an error.

  • Fixed an issue where cars would stutter or skip at the finish line when holding down fast forward

  • Fixed an issue where text in some areas of the game would appear very small when system language is set to Japanese.

  • Fixed an issue where the RQ filter in the garage displayed as “QC” in English

08/08/23 - Hotfix Update

  • Fixed an issue where some prices in the store would display incorrectly

  • Fixed tags for the following cars: 

    • Hummer H1 1992 - Removed Street Racer and Hot Hatch Tags

    • Ford GT - Removed Hypercar Tag

    • MC12 Stradale - Removed Hypercar Tag

    • McLaren F1 LM 1995 - Added Unicorns Collection Series Tag

  • Fixed an issue where text on some cards would appear small and overlap

That’s all for this update. If you enjoyed it, let us know on Discord or social media!

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