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20.2 Update Patch Notes

Throw caution to the wind with our new season takeover - Living on the Edge! Take a look below at what’s in store over the next 4 weeks!

Compete for Seasonal Prize Cars

Play to win Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII RS, Ginetta G58 and many more!


Heads up that the top speed of the G58 needs to be corrected to 173 mph. This will be fixed around the 20.3 update.

Collection Series

Get your cameras ready for our Photo Finish Collection Series. Test your skills in this mix of events and challenges to win prize cars, packs and cash!

PvP Challenge Leagues

Each event this season will award Living on the Edge Flags based on your rank, you can exchange these for rewards in the PvP Challenge Leagues. The more flags you earn the faster you move up the Leagues and the better prizes you get!

Journey to the East Challenges

We’re continuing to add more Chapters and Collector Challenges! Keep track of them so that you don’t fall down the rankings! Collect cars from our new Asia-Pacific Grand Prix update for amazing prizes and prove that you’re a Master Collector!

Store UI update

Based on player feedback, we have made a few more changes to the store UI. The pop-up that appears to confirm your purchase when you tap a currency option from the store carousel now specifies the currency type and amount that will be charged if you confirm. The sub-categories will also now read bottom to top instead of top to bottom, which hopefully makes them a bit more readable. Finally, the ‘NEW’ banner has been changed from blue to red, to fit in a little better with the broader colour scheme.

Event ticket notifications

On the home screen, a red dot will now display how many events have tickets left to play, to let you know if you have matches you could be completing. Within the events carousel, red dots will indicate how many tickets are left to play for each event. This notification pip replaces the ticket counter.

That’s all for this update. If you enjoyed it, let us know on Discord or social media!

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