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Welcome to the Top Drives: 14.2 Update Release Notes. Please find the list of improvements, bug fixes and car corrections below.


  • Improvements to the Garage view:

    • Empty Slots no longer displayed when scrolling to the end of the Garage view.

    • When picking a car for a match, pressing an empty slot (which has a remaining RQ value displayed) will jump you to the first car meeting this limit in your garage (or if none, the closest value below it).

  • Improvements to the RQ slider:

    • The area of the scroll has been better aligned to the scrollbar at the bottom.

    • Fixed a bug where dragging over the space where the UI with the number is would cause it to drag the scrollbar.

  • Various improvements to our resource management system. This should result in fewer instances of missing visual assets, such as white squares being displayed instead of Challenge tokens in the Rewards section of the Challenges.

  • Improved the Slots reward icon.


  • Fixed an issue with filtering in the My Cars screen that would cause the filters to reset when switching to All Cars screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the Prize Car highlight box being out of alignment in the new player tutorial.

  • Fixed an issue where viewing card details in the All Cars screen and then hitting the back button would not correctly close the card details.


We have made some changes to cars. This mainly involves changes to existing cars rather than the new Japan Pro Tour cars.

You can access the full list of corrections, RQ changes and Rarity changes by following the link to the corrections spreadsheet:

Top Drives: 14.2 Update Car Corrections

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