21.3 Update Patch Notes

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New Season

Welcome to our new season takeover - Crash Course! Each week will have something new so keep your eyes peeled. Season starts on 11 March.

Collection Series

Knuckle up to your opponents with our aggressive new Collection Series, Trading Paint, coming soon!

Prize Cars

Compete for Seasonal Prize Cars! Play to win Alfa Romeo Coloni S1 156 and Audi R18 and many more!

Car Image Updates

Quality of life improvements

  • Challenge Locking

    • To further improve the player experience, challenges that you are unable to play will appear as locked.

    • Tapping on the locked challenges, will detail to you all the various unlock requirements such as the need to 3 star other challenges or acquire an Item. 

    • To remove any unneeded friction, you will be able to directly go to another challenge via the unlock requirements pop-up!

  • Speedbump indicator

    • Where previously, players had to learn the presence of environment obstacles through trial and error, now this is indicated via an icon present on the Opponent Selection Screen and Match Info pop-up.

  • Twisty circuit track camera improvements

    • Updated the Twisty Circuit challenge to provide a better view of the track.

  • Updated Campaign Panel images

    • Updated the campaign screens with new renders of the campaign countries.

  • Hutch ID on the start screen

    • A new button on the start screen enables you to retrieve and copy your Hutch ID in case it needs to be shared with customer support or the community team.

  • "Tap to continue" button on pack opening

    • Added a "Tap to continue" button to better guide players to progress the pack opening animation.

  • Vauxhall logo update

    • Updated the Vauxhall brand logo across the game.

  • New Player Experience

    • To reduce confusion for new players, we made a change so that future days appear locked in the Onboarding Achievements feature.

  • Deal’s Gap track change

    • Fixed surface issue with the Deal’s Gap track.

  • Boot Time Improvements

    • We’ve worked on improving the boot times so that you will be able to get into the game faster.

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