"American Overdrive" Update Release Notes!

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Welcome to "American Overdrive!", our latest US-themed car update for Top Drives! Read below to find out more.

New Cars:

Full list of hundreds of American cars along with car corrections will be published soon - keep your eyes peeled for an update!

The 1990 Buick Bolero epitomizes sophistication and luxury in the automotive landscape of its time. With its elegant design, smooth lines, and refined details, the Bolero exudes timeless style. Featuring advanced comfort and convenience features, along with a smooth ride and powerful engine options, it offers a luxurious driving experience. The Buick Bolero represents a blend of performance, comfort, and prestige, making it a symbol of automotive excellence in the 1990s.

The 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham is the pinnacle of 1950s automotive luxury, renowned for its iconic design featuring tailfins and lavish chrome details. With opulent amenities like air suspension and power-operated features, it epitomizes prestige and sophistication on the road.

The 1967 Dodge A100 Custom Sportsman Wagon is a unique icon of 1960s automotive design. Its compact size and distinctive styling set it apart, making it a standout on the road. Featuring customizable interiors and versatile configurations, it offers practicality alongside its vintage charm. With its rugged performance and bold presence, the A100 Custom Sportsman Wagon captures the spirit of adventure and individuality of its era.

Third-person view!

We always thought that the top-down view of Top Drives was too literal. Now you can switch to a Third-person view and enjoy races almost as if you're behind the steering wheel! You still can't control the cars of course, but you wouldn't want that anyway.

3D models replaced

You now have an option to use small pucks for cars instead of 3D models! This long-awaited improvement aims to reduce game size and better performance across all devices, particularly pre-2012 smartphones. Now you can enjoy Top Drives on the phone you used to listen to Rebecca Black's "Friday" on.

Introduction of max 30 RQ limit for cars!

To simplify the game and make your car collection more predictable, our max RQ will reduce from 100+ to 30 RQ.

New Car Stat: Pops & Bangs

As the old car nut adage says: the louder it is, the faster it goes. Pops & Bangs will be a secondary stat measured in dB and appearing on your car card's back. Every dB gives a modifier adding 0.000582 to the performance calculation.

Quality of life features:

  • All cars become Prize Cars so that no one feels left behind. A new tag will be added - "Price Car", which replaces the "Prize Car" tag on all old prize cars. This way, nothing really changes, but everything changes at the same time.

  • In-game AI assistant: you can now ask “When is X brand coming??” in a convenient pop-up window in-game, rather than having to go to Discord. That's the only question that can be asked, though. It's a work in progress. Eventually, we're hoping to introduce feature that will answer the question as well.

  • Car Card Printer feature - upon getting a new car, the game will search for a nearby printer and force print the card so you can show it to all your friends or stick it on your fridge. Even if the printer is not yours.

That's it for now, hopefully you enjoyed our update!

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