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Top Drives is ending support for devices running Android 6. Players using devices with this operating system will no longer be able to access Top Drives with the release of version 14.8. We encourage players using devices with Android 6 to consider upgrading them if they wish to continue playing Top Drives. The minimum supported Android version after the update is Android 7.

How to check my operating system?

The method of finding your current OS on Android is the following:

Open your phone's Settings.

Near the bottom, tap About phone - Android version.

Find your 'Android version', 'Android security update' and 'Build number'.

To check which version of the operating system your device can go up to, please visit the webpage of your device’s manufacturer.

Am I affected by this change?

Only players with devices running Android 6 are affected by this change. Players with other devices are not affected and don’t need to take any action.

What do I need to do?

If you’re using a device in one of these categories, you’ll need to obtain a compatible device that meets our supported device requirements to continue playing Top Drives. Before obtaining a new device, we also recommend saving your account’s progress by logging into the game with your Facebook account, so you can log back into your account on your new device.

Why this change?

Removing support for older devices allows us to bring richer features into the game using technologies in the newer operating systems like Android 7 and higher, as well as optimising the game for more powerful devices.

A vast majority of users have already migrated to newer operating system versions and devices. As players migrate from older operating system versions and devices to newer ones, we periodically update our supported device requirements to focus on the devices most of our players use.

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