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In the past, players have been able to join events close to the event end time, win, and claim the best prizes with little effort. Put simply, the new minimum races per prize tier system aims to change this for some events - now, in relevant events, you’ll have to complete a certain amount of races before you’re eligible for each prize tier. The higher the prize tier, the more races you’ll have to win. Let’s take a look at some more details.

How does it work?

Simply put, in events with the minimum races per prize tier feature activated, the prize tier a player is rewarded will be defined not just by where they rank in terms of points, but also how many races they have played. That is to say, you could have enough points to rank in one of the higher prize tiers, but if you'd only played one race and 5 races were required to qualify for that prize tier, you would be rewarded a lower prize tier. The minimum number of races required will differ from event to event and from prize tier to prize tier - and you’ll be able to see these details on the event screen, to the right of the leaderboard. A race is counted as soon as a ticket is spent.

An example

Let’s say there’s an event leaderboard with 20 players, with prize tier 1 (the best one) having 10 places, and prize tier 2 having 10 places. The event is set up so that prize tier 1 requires 5 races before you are eligible for it. The player in 10th place has only raced 4 times by the end of the event - thus not meeting the minimum amount of races. This player would be shuffled down to 11th place, where they’d receive the tier 2 prize.

If the player in 11th place has raced at least 5 times, they would then be eligible for the tier 1 prize. This can happen up and down the leaderboard, for as many players in tier 1 who haven’t met the minimum required amount of races.

How can I tell what my prize tier is during an event?

On the leaderboard screen, you will see a lock icon next to any prize tier that you haven’t met the minimum race number requirement for yet. The lock will then disappear after you’ve played enough matches. There will be a counter under each prize tier that will tell you how many more races you need to complete before you unlock that tier. The leaderboard will continue to show your points rank as it has always done, regardless of how many races you have completed. 

The “Me” icon that shows which tier you’re currently on-track to receive DOES take into account the minimum races feature - if you rank in one tier but have not played enough matches to qualify for it, the ‘Me’ will show in the next tier down that you do qualify for. Put simply, wherever your “Me” icon is at the end of an event is the lowest prize tier you can receive.

Will all events use the minimum races feature going forward?

Not every event will immediately use the feature. We want to evaluate the impact it has, and then act accordingly!

Known Issues

  • Ties do not currently count towards a race when they should.

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