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Hello Drivers, and welcome to the July 2023 edition of the Top Drives roadmap!

Read on to learn all about what’s coming next for Top Drives - including new cars, features and more!


As usual, the future plans are divided into the following categories:

  • Complete - what's already been released

  • Braking Distance - near end of development

  • On the Horizon - in development

  • A Long Road Trip - mainly pre-production, very early on.

Now, let’s look at what's been done, and what's coming next!


As always, it's important to keep in mind that our timelines do shift, and so do team priorities. Features listed in the roadmap may not end up being developed.

For every player-facing feature, there is often a non-player-facing feature, such as improving our tooling to deliver more live content, a new feature that will be a/b tested or upgrading our backend infrastructure, so this list does not include everything we will be working on.

Progress Update

Let’s start by checking out our progress since the last roadmap:

Since the last roadmap, we introduced the minimum races per prize tier feature, a change which rewards consistent play during events - making them fairer for everyone. We also added a host of new 3D car models for even more accuracy. The interstitial feature allows you to see the latest Top Drives news and offers right after you log into the game, and finally, the new first time user experience revamped the opening of the game, making it easier than ever for new drivers to join the race!

We also mentioned Daily Objectives in the last roadmap - this feature is currently being A/B tested for new players only, and will be iterated on further before being considered for full release.

Braking distance (nearing the end of development):

We’ve got some exciting new features and changes that you should see in Top Drives shortly! Firstly, another new car wave will arrive very soon - and it’s a big one! Next, the new store navigation experience is also imminent - this update will greatly improve ease of use by dividing items in the store into different tabs. For example, you’ll see tabs for different categories such as Collection Series, Packs/Currency, and more.

Finally, the Achievements Onboarding feature will add an achievement system for new players, with goals that will help them learn the ins and outs of Top Drives.

These features will hit the game soon, so you won’t need to wait long to get your hands on them!

On the horizon (in development):

A long road trip (mainly pre-production, very early on):

Rewarded achievements are similar to the onboarding achievements which will be released in game soon, however they’ll be available for all players, and offer rewards for long term in-game milestones - such as collecting cars from a certain manufacturer, among other things. 

Thanks for checking out our July 2023 Roadmap! We hope you’re as excited as we are for the future of Top Drives!

If you'd like to discuss the roadmap, or just Top Drives in general with fellow players, make sure to follow our on our social platforms and join our Discord server:

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See you soon!

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