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Hutch are looking for Creators who are passionate, productive, engaging and respectful to join our Creator Program. Utilise our Creator Program benefits to grow your YouTube, Twitch or TikTok channel with the Hutch Creator program!

By signing up, eligible creators will be given access to the following benefits to help them thrive:

Hutch Creator Academy

Are you a passionate and positive member of the Hutch community, with under 5,000 subscribers or followers and looking to grow your YouTube, Twitch or TikTok channel? If you can commit to creating at least 4 Hutch videos a month, register for the Hutch Creator Academy!

What you'll get
  • Discord Server
    Full access to our private Discord server, where you can chat to like-minded creators and our Hutch Team.

  • Content Amplification
    We’ll amplify the best of your content through our social channels.

  • Content Creation Support
    We will share game assets and some early information about updates with you

  • Masterclasses
    Q&A sessions, blogs, videos and live streams from Hutch, and members of our Partner program

  • Promotion to Partner
    As you're already approved for the Academy, when you reach 5,000 subscribers/followers, you will qualify for the Hutch Creator Partner program!

  • Early access to the Partner Program
    We may invite creators into the Partner Program early if they demonstrate exceptional quality and dedication in creating Hutch content.

Entry Requirements
  • Active channel

  • Any number of followers/subscribers

  • Currently producing or expresses interest in Hutch content

Hutch Creator Partners

If you have more than 5,000 subscribers or followers on TikTok, YouTube or Twitch, and can commit to making 4 Hutch videos a month, register for our Creator Partner Program!

What you'll get
  • Academy+
    Everything in the Academy program, plus:

  • In-game Amplification
    We’ll put your videos in front of our sizeable in-game audiences, giving huge opportunities for growth

  • Exclusives & Early Access
    Receive assets and information for early release announcements.

  • Giveaway Content
    We'll provide items for you to run giveaways throughout the year.

  • Exclusive partner swag
    We have limited edition Hutch swag!

  • Special Event Invitations
    Where possible, we may invite you to special events in and out of the studio.

  • Other Promotional Opportunities
    Hutch may provide select creators with special promotional opportunities and other benefits. This will be determined by several factors such as reach, content type, and professionalism.

Entry Requirements
  • Active channel

  • 5k+ followers/subscribers

  • Currently producing or expresses interest in Hutch content

F1® Clash

F1® Clash

Compete in thrilling 1v1 races with the toughest rival race drivers from around the world.

Top Drives

Top Drives

Think you know cars? Put your knowledge to the test in the only automotive card collection game for your mobile.

Forza Customs

Forza Customs

Restore and customize incredible cars! You decide, you design


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Hutch Creator Program FAQs

The Creator Academy is a managed by Hutch to help Creators of all sizes to create exciting content and grow their channel size, reach and engagement.

We review all applications to the program, and an application does not automatically accept you into the program.

You can start right away! We will give you assets as soon as you join to help you start levelling up your content.

As long as you meet the criteria for either the Academy or Partner tiers, you are eligible to join the program.

Anyone who can't commit to a minimum of 4 videos a month wouldn't be eligible for any Program rewards, but could still join.

Academy Creators receive Discord server access, content amplification opportunities, content creation support and Masterclasses.
Creators in the Partner Program will receive everything Academy Creators receive, but also: Exclusives and Early Access information, Giveaway content, Merch, Special Event invitation and in-game items.
Partners may also be selected to take part in special Promotional Opportunities and receive other benefits.

Read the requirements for Academy and Partner at the top of this page, and click "Apply Now" under the relevant tier to sign-up.

You don't need to be a Partner or Academy member to create Hutch content. By joining the Hutch Creator Program, you receive additional support to help you make great content for your audience.

Hutch do not have Creative Control over your videos, and do not dictate what you must do or say in your video content.

The game's Terms of Service rules always apply, so video content must not display or discuss anything that would break these terms. But this does not count as Creative Control or having final sign-off on your content.
Because the content you generally make does not fall under advertising rules, you do not need to disclose anything in the videos.

When we provide items for Giveaways to Partners, we inform partners that they need to disclose these items have been gifted.

Should any paid opportunities be offered to Partners, we would provide guidance to Creators on how to properly disclose this information their audience requires to adhere to advertising standards.

Please contact Customer Support for the relevant game from our Contact Us page.

We review creator performance every month, and we will reach out to you when you hit your Partner Goals.
Should you feel you've been overlooked for Partner promotion, do reach out to us in the Creator Discord to chat about it!

Yes, we want you to enjoy making video content on your channel, and if your audience enjoys your gaming variety, we encourage you to stick to this.
All we ask is that a minimum of 4 videos are created each month around our games, to keep your membership active in the program.

Depending on the circumstances for you not being able to meet the requirements, we may pause your Partner rewards until you're able to make content more frequently, or we will move you into Academy temporarily.
We would review each individual's situation and proceed accordingly.

Yes, it's important to take care of yourself and take a break if needed.
If you're in the Partner Program, we can pause in-game rewards until you're back, and then reactivate rewards once you've made content for 4 weeks.

When you're accepted into the Creator Program, you will be sent a Discord Invite code to join the private server. In our Discord server, you will be able to chat to other Creators and Hutch staff about the Program and game content.

Rewards are not guaranteed, and all perks are offered at our discretion.

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