Top Drives 5th Anniversary!

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We’re celebrating 5 years of Top Drives! In that time we’ve rolled out 15 updates, added 61 officially licensed car manufacturers, including Ford, Pagani and Hummer, and now have over 100,000 daily active users.

To celebrate the milestone we’ve just launched the World Expo update, which adds over 200 more cars and an overhaul of in-game environments. This milestone update will introduce cars from existing manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Lotus & Porsche alongside representing previously unseen manufacturers like DMC, Saturn, Saleen & Eagle. Players will also be able to enjoy four updated environments for the anniversary as a part of a fresh visual overhaul. We’re looking forward to hearing what the community think. Here's Game Director, Robin on what 5 years of Top Drives means to us:

Top Drives was where our LiveOps era really kicked off. It didn't just change how we designed our games, it allowed us to reinvent the way we work to serve our amazing worldwide community. We’ve been able to pour our creativity and passion into the game over the last five years, through many great and challenging moments. To hit this milestone is an amazing moment for us and the team. We cannot thank our community and partners enough for supporting us throughout this journey.

Top Drives 15.0 World Expo Trailer

And to finish, something for the trivia fans... the most popular car in Top Drives is the Ford Escort, used over 20 million times in separate matches since the game’s release!

For more detail on the World Expo car update, head here.

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