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Welcome to the Top Drives 15.0 Update Release Notes! 

Get ready - the long-awaited World Expo car update for Top Drives is almost here! With over 300 new models from beloved brands, and brand new manufacturers, the update also brings a substantial number of corrections to existing cars, Car Compensation features, updated environments and car models, and bug fixes and improvements.

This year Top Drives celebrates its five-year anniversary, and we are kicking off celebrations with the release of the World Expo update, followed by a number of exciting updates and events in the coming months. 

Read on for more details about World Expo.


New Car Release - World Expo

With 15.0 we’re introducing an incredible 333 new cars for you to collect and race - that’s our biggest release ever! Manufacturers never before featured in Top Drives include Saturn, Rezvani, Oldsmobile, Bristol, Zenos, Hennessey and many more! We also have brand new cars from Mercedes-Benz, Hummer, and many others. Here are just a few of our favourites:

The Mercedes-AMG G 63 holds the new record for 0-60 time of all all-surface tyre cars in the Epic rarity - this one will be great for off-road drag and hill climb challenges!

The Zenos E10 is extremely light, with an impressive 88 handling stat!

The Hennessey Venom GT is now the 3rd fastest non-Prize car in the game - definitely one you’ll want in your garage!

Car Corrections, Rarity Changes & Token Compensation

The Top Drives team are always looking to create the most authentic racing experience we can - and sometimes, we find new car data that is more accurate than previous data we’ve used to create in-game cars. That’s why we’re correcting many cars to more accurately reflect their real life counterparts. We’ve also made some changes to how a car’s RQ is calculated - as an example we now use a specific set of challenges that reward high top speed less than they used to. This is another reason why you’ll see many cars’ RQ values and rarities change. You can find a full list of car corrections, rarity and RQ changes coming in this update here.

Another big feature coming in 15.0 is the Car Rarity Token Compensation feature! In this update, many cars will have their rarity altered. Because of this, some cars will have any upgrades and fuses you have applied to them reset - and in return, you will be awarded tokens that allow you to upgrade and fuse cars of the same rarity for free! We’re sure you have many questions about this feature - so we’ve written a handy guide that will tell you everything you need to know!

Note: the expiry time in this screenshot is for development purposes only. Tokens expire after 31 days

Car Models

Following our release of 36 brand new car models in 14.6 update, we are bringing 20 more new models in World Expo for four of the brands: Audi, Ford, Mini and BMW! 

Updated Environments

We also have another round of updated, high resolution environments! The Bavarian Forest, Beach City, Frozen Lake, Indoor Facility, Outdoor Facility and Nurburgring environments have all been updated - check out some screenshots!

In addition to that, we have also optimised the Airfield, Twisty Circuit, Spiral Car Ramp (Car Park), Harbour, Tokyo, Drag Strip, Rally Circuit (Road), and Test Centre High Speed (Speed Bowl), Test Centre G Force, Hill Climb, and Rally Cross Circuit environments for better game performance.

Other Updates

  • Added support for the new Collection Series - Interstellar.

  • Removal of support for Android 6 - read more

  • Changes to score accumulation during races to decrease point accumulation for the challenges that score the most points, and to increase the point accumulation for the challenges that score the least points. This should help enable more event hand strategies:

    • 0-x mph races accumulate score 20% more slowly

    • Most drag races accumulate score 20% more slowly

    • X-x mph (mid/higher range acceleration) races score 30% more slowly

    • Hill climb races accumulate score 20% more slowly

    • Fast Circuit, Twisty Circuit, and North Loop races accumulate score 10% more quickly

    • Tokyo Overpass, Tokyo Off-Ramp Tokyo G-force test, and Tokyo Loop races accumulate score 10% more quickly

    • Monaco challenges, except Waterfront, accumulate score up to 10% more quickly

    • Car Park races accumulates score 10% more quickly

  • Some In-App Purchases have had their prices changed on Android. While on iOS, prices periodically change based on currency exchange rates and other factors, on Android they do not. In the interest of fairness, and parity between both platforms, we have opted to adjust prices on Android to match iOS for this release.

  • The following cars are no longer prize cars:

    • Alfa Romeo Spider (S1)

    • Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce (S2)

    • Alfa Romeo Spider (S3)

    • Jaguar XK120

    • Jaguar XK140

    • Peugeot 203

    • Peugeot 404

    • Peugeot 305


  • Fixed an issue where when purchasing a pack, currency would sometimes be subtracted without the cars being rewarded.

  • Fixed a bug where cars would finish on or before the finish line in the Mountain Incline track

  • Fixed an issue where the Wet and Snow variants of the Hairpin track would cause jittering on some devices.

  • Fixed a bug where 100RQ cars would appear as 10RQ when being received from a pack.

  • Fixed an issue where the Skyline Nismo Series Championships displayed an image of a car not available in the game.

  • Fixed an issue where an environmental texture bug would occur at the end of some 0-x mph races.

  • Fixed an issue where on Harbour  - Downhill and Harbour - Downhill - Offroad challenges, trees would clip through the environment and cars.

  • Fixed an issue where on the Harbour - Back Alley challenge, cars would clip through the wall at the end of the race.

  • Optimised the Canyon environment so that there is less stuttering on low end devices.

  • Fixed an issue where devices running Android 7 would sometimes not boot the game


  • Turbo Upgrading will sometimes consume the incorrect tokens. We advise players to not use this feature for the time being, while a fix is created.

  • Some players are not being compensated with the correct tokens after booting the game for the first time

  • All club events display the score as 10000 - 10000

  • Using a legacy rarity car in clubs or events will cause a crash

  • Entering and backing out of a campaign race with a legacy rarity card in your hand will cause a crash

  • An option to Turbo Upgrade cars appears on cars that are ineligible. Trying to use the feature will result in a crash.

  • Some car images appear low resolution

  • Locking or unlocking legacy rarity cars will cause an infinite loading spinner on Android, and cause the game to crash on iOS. Please avoid using the lock feature on cars you own with legacy rarity. A hotfix for this issue is being worked on.

  • Using the Turbo Upgrade function does not incur a fuse timer as it should

  • The fuse button on the fuse screen will sometimes disappear when exiting the screen before confirming a fuse. If you select chassis or weight when this happens, the button will reappear

  • In the Yellowbird Series Championships, California, USA, Level 2, the game displays that the RQ 41 Mercedes-Benz E 220 has 80% chance to drop, and the RQ 38 Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 has a 20% chance to drop. In actuality, the RQ 38 Mercedes-Benz SLK 200 has an 80% chance to drop, and the RQ 41 Mercedes-Benz E 220 has a 20% chance to drop.

  • Cars will sometimes load slowly when scrolling across the holding pool

  • Some car tags are not translated in all languages

  • The Ultima GTR (2000), Geo Storm Gsi, and Oldsmobile Achieva (1992) lack ‘frosted’ effect on their card images

This is it for now. If you enjoyed the update, let us know on social media!

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