Happy International Women's Day from Hutch!

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Happy International Women's Day from everyone at Hutch! To celebrate the day, we've gathered our top tips for getting into the industry from Hutchie women across our London studio. For any women looking to work in games, we hope you find them useful. And here's to even more women in gaming in the future!

Don't be put off by the misconception that it's only men who work in the industry/tech in general. There are heaps of opportunities for all and it really is a great space to be in!

Charmaine, Head of People

Make friends with people who are also looking to get into the industry, and not just with those already in it. Those you support and cheer on before they are in, will remember you more for it, and they could also be the connection you need to get in too.

Katie, Influencer Manager

Join the gaming industry! You'd be surprised at how much you can do in a gaming company, how big your contribution will be, how amazing your new friends will be. Speaking from experience

Anna, Head of Analytics

There is no need to become 'more masculine' to join the games industry! Be yourself!

Viv, QA Embedded Tester

Based on my experience - don't be afraid or intimidated and believe in yourself. As a young woman in a gaming company, I feel trusted, listened to and respected every day in my role. This is the coolest job I have ever had. 👍

Olivia, People Team Assistant

Those days are gone when you are just Queen in the games, you can be a Queen in the games industry too...

Ruby, Producer

Don't let the lack of experience in the game industry stop you from pursuing your dream! Experience is transferable, have confidence in your skills! 

Line, QA Embedded Tester

Don't be afraid to apply even if you don't meet 100% of the requirements!

Lara, Game Designer

Interested in joining us? For more info on working at Hutch, head here: https://www.hutch.io/careers/working-at-hutch/

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