"Hutch really promotes a great work-life balance, something that is particularly rare in game development. Outside of critical work and emergencies, we don't work overtime."

Senior Programmer


What Hutch Means To Me...

How can you know what a company’s really like to work for? We asked Dave, one of our Senior Programmers to share what Hutch means to him…


Ensuring that Hutch is an amazing place to work is really important to us. And we were super proud to receive a Best Place to Work award from gamesindustry.biz in 2020 and 2021, which took into account our working practices and benefits.

At Hutch we’ve always had a hybrid work from home and office split. Before the pandemic we worked from home for 2 days per week to to provide our employees with a level of flexibility. During the pandemic we all worked fully from home, and recently we've just started properly heading back to the office for 2 days a week, and 3 days working from home.


  • 4 Day Working Week - 6 month trial
    We’ve signed up to a 4-day working week trial for 6 months! In June we moved to a 4-day week with no reduction in pay for staff.

  • Mental Health coaching
    Bi-weekly coaching sessions to ensure you and your team have support when you need it.

  • Private medical insurance
    Medical insurance, plus access to remote GPs.

  • Enhanced Maternity/Paternity
    An enhanced package (more than the minimum government allowance), so you can enjoy more time off with your family.

  • Performance Bonus
    Everyone at Hutch shares in the success of the business. This is trending upwards year on year and offers a great annual payment.

  • Game Jams and Personal Project Days
    Regular studio game jams (one of our current games came from a game jam) and Personal Project Days to enhance your skills and develop in an area that’s important to you. From June 2022 we'll hit pause on Personal Project Days while we take part in our 4-day working week trial.


Getting a good work / life balance is super important to everybody at Hutch and we've created an environment that helps people get that balance just right.

Working Culture
  • Small autonomous teams

  • Agile principles

  • Putting people first

  • Flexible hours

  • Honesty and transparency

  • Humility

  • Collaboration

  • Drive

  • Adaptability

The Hutch Recruitment Process

Applied for a job and want to know what happens next? We've outlined the whole process so you know what to expect.


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