Hutch February Jobs Update!

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Our number 1 pillar here at Hutch is to ‘Look after our people’, and a big part of fostering a positive and supportive workplace is to offer clear paths for career development. We’re proud that 16 Hutchies have taken on new roles within the business over the last 12 months, across a multitude of disciplines.

For us, looking after our people begins during the recruitment process - we’re as interested in your hopes for the future, as we are in your current responsibilities. Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? Are there specific skills you’d like to develop? Once you’re here at Hutch, employees are encouraged further to share their career goals and aspirations, and we work closely with them to identify opportunities for growth. Through performance evaluations and coaching, employees are able to receive feedback on their strengths and can discuss areas of interest, which helps us to put together a clear development plan.

In addition, we offer a variety of training and development programs to help our employees gain the skills and knowledge they need to take on new roles. This includes on-the-job training, mentoring and cross-functional collaboration, where we encourage employees to work on projects outside of their normal job responsibilities, working with different games teams, to expand their skill sets and experience.

If you’re starting to think about your our own development and would like to learn more about career progression here at Hutch, you can reach out to me directly at or on LinkedIn for further information. Alternatively, check out all of our latest vacancies below or visit

London-based job vacancies:

  • Art Director

  • Senior UI Artist

  • UI Artist

  • 3D Artist - 12 Month Contract

Nova Scotia-based job vacancies:

  • Producer

For more info on working at Hutch, head here:

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