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Update 22 is now here and brings with it our latest new big feature: Pit Pass!

Pit Pass is an all new progression system that grants players extra rewards for racing and hitting various milestones through each Exhibition. The F1® Clash Pit Pass is comprised of two separate progression tracks -— the Free Pass and the Premium Pass, which grants you even more rewards as you reach Pit Pass milestones!.

To learn more about Pit Pass just tap this link to head over to our dedicated blog post about the feature.

Update 22 also contains the following game fixes:

- Fixed a bug where incorrect Driver names are displayed for other cars near the player.

- Fixed a bug where player messages would fail to update correctly when viewing the Chat screen.

- Fixed a bug where the Rival’s livery seen during a race is different to the one seen on the Race Results screen.

- Fixed a bug where accepting the race advice message to change to Wet tyres would cancel the pending Service option for a Pit Stop.

- Fixed a bug where there is overlapping UI on the Race Results screen.

- Fixed a bug where some parts of the track are obscured in the aerial map view at Montréal, Canada.

- Fixed a bug which was causing cars to spin during races when using Medium tyres.

- Fixed a bug where sometimes Medium tyres are showing faster lap times than Soft tyres on the Pre-Race screen.

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